Cube Gearless Glass Touch Panel Lift Kit for G+5 for 10 Passenger

Call for Price

10 Passenger Glass Elevator with Gearless machine, Stainless Steel Automatic doors with Touch panels on all landings and cabin makes your lift brand more official and luxurious. Please check the description for the clear specification.

Price mentioned is inclusive of all taxes.


Ground + How many floors?
Total Number of Openings?
Total Weight / Load?
680 Kgs – 10 Passenger
Shaft Width in mm – Inner to Inner
Shaft Depth in mm – Inner to Inner
Pit Depth in mm – Inner to Inner
Counter DBG
Cabin Clear Opening in mm
Machine Brand
Torin Drive
Encoder Required?
  • Yes
Fermator 900mm Opening Automatic Doors – Plain Doors – Stainless Steel
What type of Automatic Doors?
Center / Mid Opening doors – 2 Doors
Cabin Design
SS 304 Grade with Glass
Cabin Options
  • Air Blower
  • Laser Cut Designed Fall Ceiling with Back Light
  • SS Handle
Guide Rails
16 mm Car Rails and 9 mm Counter Rails
Type of Controller
Monarch with Aarya controllers
Do you need a Full Control System?
  • Yes with two landing buttons up and down every floor
Additional wiring options
  • Fire Switch
  • Pit Switch
  • Music and Floor Announcer
  • Battery Operated Alarm for Emergency
  • Intercom – within COP
  • ARD with Batteries for Traction Lift
  • Over Load Sensor
Display Options
  • Touch Panels in cabin and landings with Cabin access should be only with Access ID cards


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