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202 reviews for Elevator Full Kit Quote

  1. Maha Lakshmi Elevators

    One of the best quotes I have received

  2. Anukar Lifts LLP

    Got a lot of knowledge by discussing all possibilities of installation of lifts.

  3. Manoj Elevators

    Thank you LiftsTrade

  4. Suman Elevators

    A relation with your company started and sure it continues

  5. Sneha Lifts

    Sneha lifts from now will be powered with LiftsTrade. Tremendous support.

  6. Anil

    Acha hai Thank you.

  7. Neha chowdary

    Good. Thank you

  8. Meenakshi R

    Help me urgent , hydraulic kit oil leakage.

  9. Luma Elevators

    I’ll visit again

  10. Krishna Lifts

    two thumbs up on the reviews

  11. kanak Singh

    beautiful and easy to use

  12. Jaimon Lifts

    I like that you have sent us a check list

  13. Int Elevators

    Thanks for sending technician

  14. Nag Lifts

    I liked the kit

  15. mahaveer singh

    Would use again for sure

  16. Parameshwari Chowdary

    helpful info on elevators

  17. orbithydraulicelevators

    my friend Paul recommended this

  18. Oblesh Naidu

    Very intresting and helpful

  19. Peter Lifts

    above average presentation

  20. Zareen

    the best products

  21. Xino Lifts

    helped me find the best quote

  22. Wega Elevators

    positive experience with this website

  23. Faiyaz Lifts

    do you have info on the Hydraulic lifts?

  24. Dutta Lifts

    wish there were more traders like you

  25. Mahesh kumar

    customer service was helpful

  26. Prerna Lifts

    bought a kit today

  27. Yog Elevators

    Its easy to get quote here

  28. Amrutha

    in my opinion, this is the best elevator site

  29. Andaman Lifts

    probably as good as the Sharp motors

  30. Balaraju Khambampati

    would recommend

  31. Cairmon elvators


  32. Damayanti Elevators

    Best kit price and quick delivery

  33. Eco Elevators

    have been here whenever i need to buy something

  34. Dayanand Sagar

    high quality

  35. Dayanand Sagar

    will come back again, thanks

  36. Ejva Lifts

    A nice website

  37. Fatima Elevators

    Definitely a nice site

  38. haasini subramanyam

    Good info

  39. jahnavi shetty

    I liked it

  40. hareesh_bg

    How did i not find out about this site earlier

  41. Gowri Elevators

    Helpful and informative

  42. Frace Indian Elevators

    I’m glad that I know Liftstrade team now

  43. harihai

    Avinash is one of the most dynamic person I met

  44. Vaibhav Elevators

    Good job – thanks for the help, I received my material and now I am rating 5 star

  45. Ulava Lifts

    Good quality material, tq

  46. Tikka Lifts

    I like the approach they take provinng detailed information about lift

  47. Thirumala Reddy

    Thoughtful presentation of detailed info

  48. Supriya Tallam

    Good products pricing

  49. Srinivas Naidu

    bookmarked this website already

  50. Usha Kiran Reddy

    shared this information with my comptitors, so they can also save some money

  51. Vinutna Elevators

    my friend recommended it

  52. Vastu Elevators

    this site was able to find me best quote

  53. Wamsi Lifts

    would visit again

  54. thomsonelevatorschennai

    definitely a high quality site

  55. Suresh Lifts

    helpful when selecting products

  56. shiva

    very specialized custom made material for our company

  57. Renuka Kumari

    good info

  58. Radha Lifts

    i like the way they show the pros and cons

  59. Priyanka Lifts

    helped me make a purchase of an elevator for g+3

  60. Rohini Devi

    appreciated LiftsTrade many times

  61. Shanthala K

    Good stuff, would visit agaijn

  62. WHO Lifts

    Appreciate the time and effort they put into this

  63. Viswamitr Lifts

    I’d definitely visit this site again

  64. Vennela Reddy

    rated highly – thanks

  65. Vairahi Lifts

    good content

  66. Vairahi Lifts

    was impressed overall

  67. Triveni Kumar

    good site, would come back

  68. Vijaya Elevators

    One of the best things about this site is the clear summary on each product right at the start of the Product. I found this more helpful to my purchase than almost every other supplier I have used to buy in the past. My only feedback is I would prefer if it was more clear to me how you are making money as you are selling products at very low cost. Overall, thanks for the hard work.

  69. Window Elevators

    loved the format

  70. Zareen

    great comparisons

  71. Yamini Guptha

    i’d recommend it if you need to buy something

  72. Zebra Lifts

    will visit liftstrade.com again, once after I get my material

  73. Yuddha Lifts

    have bookmared this site

  74. Xino Lifts

    happy i found Liftstrade

  75. Z elevators

    i liked the price of GMV kit

  76. Yamuna Elevators

    very thorough and helpful

  77. Amulya

    i like that they give both pros and cons to the products

  78. Ansari Elevators

    First time in my elevator business experience I am finding something like this

  79. Nadiya Khan

    i’d rate Liftstrade a 5 because it was easy to use i’d rate Liftstrade a 5 because it was easy to use

  80. Mirza J

    thanks for the help

  81. Mirza J

    thanks for the help

  82. Lio Elevators


  83. Kite Lifts

    I like their interface

  84. Jayanth Kumar

    their customer service people responded to my emails so quickly i was surprised

  85. Indore Lifts

    assisted my search of the best quote

  86. Hi Lifts

    would visit again for sure

  87. Grammy Lifts

    high quality material site

  88. Fly High Lifts

    seem well researched

  89. ETA Elevators

    i like the presentation of the content

  90. Dorman Lifts

    definitely worth checking out

  91. Chennakeshav

    their expert opinions helped me make a purchase of an Hydraulic lift

  92. Buran Elevators

    i bought a sharp machine using this site before

  93. Bheem Raj

    i like that they answered all my questions

  94. Cinoman Lifts

    good site, would use again

  95. CE Lifts

    Used the site to help me pick a g+8 kit

  96. Bharath

    When I need to buy something, I usually come to Liftstrade.com

  97. Assami Lifts

    Would visit this website again

  98. govardhan rao

    I like the chat support

  99. gopinath shetty

    informative site and easy to get around

  100. gopinath shetty

    they did a good job presenting the products

  101. Fire free lifts

    I liked it

  102. Everest Elevators

    very nice website

  103. Ejva Lifts

    Great website, please make the font larger for elderly people

  104. gopinath shetty

    I like the way they show all of the info

  105. Namitha Reddy

    Quality reviews

  106. Neeti Lifts

    You can tell this is a serious company with good people

  107. Musa Elevators

    the site is easy to use and helpful

  108. Mahesh kumar

    this is my second time using this service, both good

  109. Lava Lifts

    already shared on my twitter

  110. Krupa Lifts

    I would recommend

  111. Kitchen Lifts

    I though of sharing it on my facebook but I thought that shouldnt be done as this is only for our business people. I shared it on whatsapp with my friends

  112. kashyap murthy

    five stars

  113. janardhan rao

    not sure how I hadn’t heard about this site before, definitely coming back

  114. Ivin Lifts

    seems to be a new site with new products

  115. Ivin Lifts

    wish they had more product categories but was satisfied with the site wish they had more product categories but was satisfied with the site

  116. Ivin Lifts

    wish they had more product categories but was satisfied with the site wish they had more product categories but was satisfied with the site

  117. Himanshu Lifts

    good service, would use again

  118. hari kumar

    helped me make a selection for Guide Rails

  119. Goutham Lifts

    had a good experience on this site and would give it 5 stars

  120. ganesh kumar

    would visit again

  121. Laksha Lifts

    appreciate the Call support

  122. lavanya naidu

    I’d come back to Lifts Trade again for when I need to buy any lift part

  123. Manoj Elevators

    Happy, add more products

  124. OBA Elevators

    Yes, please add torine drive machines

  125. Neha chowdary

    Yes, please add torine drive machines

  126. Nilofer Eliaz

    simple and found exactly what I was looking for

  127. Omakar Lifts

    i like the easy to use format

  128. Pavani Jonnavithula

    Nice explanation on phone

  129. orbithydraulicelevators

    Good chat support

  130. Oxygen Lifts

    Yes, chating is easy

  131. Opera Elevators

    had heard of this site and decided to check it out..wasn’t disappointed

  132. Nimo Lifts

    would visit again

  133. Rahul Elevators

    used the site to pick a sharp machine

  134. Yash Elevators

    ended up buying a GMV kit for my project and i love it

  135. Yash Elevators

    saved me lots of time

  136. Yash Elevators

    two thumbs up on this website

  137. Xino Lifts

    helped me find the right product

  138. VSR Lifts

    had a good experience

  139. Veera Lifts

    pretty useful service

  140. Vainavi Eelvators

    will probably end up using it again

  141. Krist Elevators

    Can we choose brands of the products which we need in kit

  142. Learn Lifts

    i wrote it in the message box and i got a call with in 40 mins

  143. Bhavana Setty

    I need at a time 50 lift kits. I need good quality with best price and then I will place entire order to your compnay

  144. Bhahuja Elevators

    damage while transportation – please replace its your responsibitlity

  145. Chengal Rao

    I dont why everyone is happy, i am worried about after sale service

  146. Diwakar Rao

    many vendors looted us for the same material till date, keep growing and offering better prices. Thank you so much

  147. Himanshu Lifts

    All I can say is that you are the best lift supplier I came across in last 10 years

  148. jahnavi shetty

    I have received my material and all is clear

  149. kanak Singh

    Material received

  150. Lakshmi prasanna

    Reived bolts but our team is unable to find nuts

  151. Meenakshi R

    little damage to outer body of the ARD system which you provided

  152. Nataraj Kumar

    I am all happy

  153. Oblesh Naidu

    keep growing

  154. Pavani Jonnavithula

    Its a lesson to all other suppliers

  155. Purnima Elevators

    You rock, my son who helps me in business opted you over our 15 year old supplier, I was not happy with his decision initially but now, i give you 10 stars, all I say to all is that we can relay. Thank you once again

  156. Reetu Lifts

    its a tool for not just startups but for every experienced enterpreneur to compare the price and place orders at any time

  157. Sahara Elevators

    Do you have plans of opening ware house in Kolkatta, we will support you

  158. Rohini Devi

    Do you have plans of opening ware house in Kolkatta, we will support you

  159. Drona Elevators

    More products should be listed

  160. harish rao

    I support you too

  161. Ansari Elevators

    Yes, I got deliery free on my first order but now I paid 15k for delivery. Why did you change your company policy

  162. Dorman Lifts

    Please make delivery free

  163. Bharath

    Your packing list is really good and easy to cross check

  164. Arjun Elevators

    I received extra material …lol do you want me to return

  165. Bhahuja Elevators

    I am suprised to see so many reviews and so I am sharing my experience with your ccompany. I really like the way you guys explain in detailed product specification

  166. Chaithra

    I am not happy, sorry to say , I have received a quote better than yours with my current supplier

  167. Damayanti Elevators

    Good that i received good quote, but I want material tomorrow it self and disapointed your price changed for instant delivery

  168. Kamesh Lifts

    Our company understands your business policy and appreciate your explanation you gave about price differences for instant delivery and standard delivery times

  169. Indian Elevators

    we know that some traders cheat us why we go them for urgent materiall. this is good option for us to get material at good price, so we can also offer good prices to our customers

  170. shiva

    all happies

  171. Supriya Tallam

    Received material yesterday and we cross checked it – everything clear.

  172. Pixel Elevators

    can you showcase in your website with whom all you have tieups currently

  173. Ostra Lifts

    Can you supplies cabins in 50 numbers within a week time? by the way I received a kit and its perfect

  174. Peetham S

    Thank you Ramya thomas

  175. Indu Eelvators

    I am writing a review because, I am really happy with the lift quot, g+4 kit with all material I got it for Rs 270000

  176. Q Lifts

    Keep it up, i am suprised to see such a price difference between our current vendors and your company

  177. Heera Lifts

    Start a ware house in northeast, its taking more than 10 days time for delivery

  178. Himalaya Elevators

    good job sir and i wish I have met you 10 years ago

  179. Int Elevators

    You mentioned your head office is in hyderabad but i received material from some other state? it took 6 days for me for delivery after dispatch, please open a ware house in kerala.

  180. Kama Elevators

    Thank you so muh – good luck

  181. keerthi reddy

    wish you success all the time

  182. keerthi reddy

    wish you success all the time

  183. Krupa Lifts

    i am reading all the reviews, i think negative reviews are given by other suppliers. hahaha

  184. Bikon Lifts

    yes indeed i feel the same, lifts trade ignore those who think negative and help us getting material at better price as always. this is my 4th full kit order with your company

  185. Aswini Lifts

    many suppliers are worried about their business and they talk negative about your company, but i am happy that you are doing a good job helping other lift companies know about actual prices of all the products

  186. CE Lifts

    just now receied a quote for g+2 fulll kit for hydraulic

  187. Diwakar Rao


  188. Everest Elevators

    tqsm tamya

  189. gopinath shetty

    is Ramya a real person… anyways i dont care, i got my quote . tq lift trade

  190. harinath swamy

    i have actually placed an order for sharp motor last week and receied it and just now filled the form for a full kit, i hope i will get a good price. tq once again

  191. Osman Lifts

    you know what, i have decided one thing today, please personally visit our office and use our space if you need warehouse . we will support you genuinely

  192. Peetham S

    i have ordred for 50 sets guide rails last week and now i am placing full kit order for g+10 material

  193. Puma Elevators

    i love your company – happy to see improvements on th website

  194. Raman Elevators

    good website

  195. Rohini Devi

    i see lot of changes in website recently – good iimprovements

  196. Rohini Devi

    everytime, i need to fill this form with my address again and again, cant it come automatically so it saves more time. i am sure that you will take it as a feedback and improvise your website more

  197. Senorama Lifts

    i need urgent quote for 4 floors apartments in 20 numbers, for a project in chattisghar

  198. sunderd87

    open warehouses across the country, that will help us getting material quickly

  199. sunderd87

    open warehouses across the country, that will help us getting material quickly

  200. Trinath Rao

    i got material within a week of placing the order, tq, oour installation team said that they cross checked it

  201. Usha Kiran Reddy

    you will capture entire market soon

  202. Wings lifts

    V good
    support and helping people

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